Bringing Back the Blog

This blog has been left inactive for months, and I almost forgot I even had it. Basically school and life took over (like they always do) as well as my slothness leaving this as vacant as the desert (not the desert in countries, but in movies where you see dust clouds and buzzards.)

So what have I been up to from August to January? Well, honestly, the world has opened a new page in my life, I’ve experienced highs and lows I only dreamed could happen to me, and for the most part I have changed and grew and learned more than I would have ever known. All this wasn’t even from my classes. For the first time in my life, I’ve started to want to be part of the world, have friends, have fun, and live life. I’ve been blessed at 20 years old to meet some pretty amazing people who have helped me in more ways than I could ever repay.

But enough of that “emotional” crap and on to something I will probably actually continue blogging about – BAKING. My new love obsession! I have baked as a hobby for almost a year now. I believe it started when my mom asked me to bake a batch of cookies to help her out and when they came out she exclaimed “these are better than I have ever been able to make them!” For all the following baked goods I made she would say the same and it got me thinking: Do I have a gift for baking? or Is my mom just the worst cook out there? While I generally think the latter (also why I don’t eat family-made meals,) maybe I have some sort of knack for the kitchen. Hell the only channel I watch on TV is the Food Network (I also don’t watch that much TV.)

Ever since then, I was the baker in the house. The biggest stamp of approval for me were my father’s sincere compliments on what I made.

Last semester, I would bring some baked goods to school, which people loved. In November and December, I attended Old Town Katy’s Market Days, a bazaar event where I set up a bake-sale booth. I had the most amazing time with my mom and friends baking and selling, and although we had awful weather, I usually broke about even. But to me, they were some of the best times of my life, and I can’t wait to take part in more in the near future.

I do have to admit that although my absence, I am increasingly blog reading. I can’t even remember how many I’m trying to keep up with. One thing I always wanted this blog to be was a scrapbook of sorts, so I can look back on the pictures and story. That’s what got me back tonight, the last day of vacation before my Spring semester. I wanted to share Sweet Lolita’s first made-to-order sale for a going away party.

One of my mother’s co-workers last day was Friday, and Wednesday I got word that everyone wanted to surprise her with a cake or something. I was so excited and began looking through my recipe books/ideas and decided that the perfect sweet for this event and recipient would be Black and White Cupcakes. Classy and Uptown, yet cute and yummy.

Seeing as I pride myself on creating my own recipes, I decided to take the cookie type into cupcake form. I’ve seen at other places chocolate cupcakes with white frosting, and vice versa, but I thought that the half black half white frosting top was just too cute to pass up. 

I kept a chocolate base but made two frosting, a chocolate and vanilla – both a royal icing type which set nicely.  I got to use my new angled spatula I got for Christmas. I just loved frosting the tops and they came out so pretty!

They were a huge hit and loved by my mom’s work.

I’m hoping that in the future, I will be able to make more treats for events like this :]


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Oh, why did I do that?

Note to self: When at work and about to fall asleep DO NOT google image pillows. Case in point:

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One of the worst weekends I’ve had in a long time. And it wasn’t even that bad.

Well, it was pretty crummy, but at the time I wasn’t lamenting “oh this is awful, this is awful.” I was just kind of going with the flow and then it was Monday and I thought “wow, this weekend really sucked.

It started when I got home Friday. Class went really well. I delivered my speech and I think I did a good job. Came home and cleaned and did usual Friday organizing, nothing noteworthy. Not til around 4 did the ‘weekend of suckiness’ begin. Our wireless connection failed and no one could figure out why. I still don’t even think we know what happened, why, or how, but we spent probably a good two hours on the phone, searching high and low all over the house for the spare cord (which we still have not found, but were able to use my brother’s play station cord). To make it worse, Fight Club was on AMC, and I didn’t even watch it. I knew it was on, saw parts of the beginning, but was so busy with that little dilemma I really didn’t even feel like sitting and watching it. It was just too busy here.

So with the internet issue resolved (I still don’t even know how they fixed it) the night seemed to progress better. That was til about 2am on Saturday when my brother initiates what is referred to as “the bug.” From 2 til 4 he was in the restroom and my room being adjacent to the bathroom I heard everything. And everything was loud. My god, the fact that it was night did not affect that kid. But honestly, I do feel bad because being sick sucks. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. I asked him if he was throwing up at that point and he said “no,” but knew it was inevitable. By 4:30, I heard him run back in and from the sounds of it, it was all coming out. This went on for at least the next two hours. And every time he went in there I woke up. And on top of that I stayed up til 4:30-5 on my own anyway.

I got up about 9 to go out shopping with my mom and it was domed for awfulness when she already left and I had to meet her at Walmart. She wanted to leave earlier to get some things done and since I “sleep too late” she decided to be pissy about it and go on her own. Grmph. So after a hell or a time parking (what can I say, I like mooching and getting free rides) I finally caught up with her, and she already had half her shopping done, so I felt awful having to get my things. I wanted to look for a white tank top/under shirt and my mom found these tiny jean mini skirts on clearance and her “dress up daughter Adriana” maternal instinct returned and pleaded in her way that I should get it. For those who don’t know, I don’t wear skirts. I don’t wear shorts. I live in Texas where in this past summer it broke record highs of 110 in June. I wear jeans, solely. My legs are white and shy (and also covered with bruises but that is not the point). I also only shave ’em once a week out of slothness. I don’t know why she thinks I’m a completely different person, apparently a 16 year old preppy high schooler. I know who I am, I know what I like, but she still persuades me into things that in retrospect wtf was I thinking. For the record I brought them home, tried ’em on, and while they don’t look bad, I know I will never wear them. But it was such a good deal at $2.50. I might try and re-sell them at Plato’s Closet if it earns me more – haha. Hey, I’m not stealing other people’s clothes out of the laundry mat now. They are mine. They still have the tag of them but whatever. We will see how that one goes.

After Walmart we got gas at Kroger, then we went to Walgreens were I got the LAST bag of Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms (review to come in the near future). I had my free “Real Chocolate Relief Act’ coupon so I didn’t have to pay the stupid $.75 for a single bag of M&Ms, robbery. We left my car at Walgreens and ventured to Kohl’s, because apparently they were having a ‘power hours’ sale which ended at 1 and my mom had already been there this morning and wanted to go back. I’m really starting to wonder what time did my mom leave that morning if she went there, Ross, CVS and got groceries at Walmart all before I met with her at 10. Anyway, here I found the white tank top/under shirt I was looking for, and found this cute purple (everything purple) short jacket I’ll wear in the summer at school/work.   

Next was HEB and while I don’t remember the actual details of the shopping trip, I know we got $47 dollars in free groceries. It’s about time! The past few trips have only been like $20 or something so finally getting MORE free than what the bill came to rocks. OH, I have to mention! While wandering around, as I like to do, I took a travel down the ‘International’ isle where, under the British section, I found Aero chocolate bars. OMG! I’ve seen them on Candy Blog (my summer obsession) and from the Food Network and thought they were the neatest things ever and that England makes the best and coolest candy and America sucks and everything is McDonald’s and Hershey’s here and you never see new and daring confections and so this was totally awesome! (breaths in) Yeah, I was/am really excited. The girl who checked me out got that commentary too.

However, to make things even out in karma, my (yes, I own them) Amy’s Black Bean Burritos were still out of stock. Or just completely gone from the face of the earth at HEB. A little prefix; I eat two of them a week. I have to restrain myself to just two of them a week. If I could I would eat only them at every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. However, then I probably wouldn’t like them as much so there you go. Anyway, a few months ago, it seemed like something fishy was about to take place. When the last box of Amy’s sold out (you’re welcome) HEB never put a new one in. This went on for a few weeks and I remember going through withdrawals. I swear they must have drugs in them or something to make them so good and addicting. Then, all of a sudden, I found the new crate in a COMPLETELY new frozen food isle, three isles over near the ice cream, in what is labeled “Organic.” WTF the other case where ALL the other Amy’s products are is called “Organic,” but no; let’s move them by themselves far away with random really expensive products. Luckily, the kept the same price (or at least think they did). So I was happy and continued buying them. However, the strange thing is that they never had an item tag like “Amy’s burrito price: w/e.” The box was just there sitting in the freezer. What is also strange is that the tag moved from its old/original spot in the first frozen case. So I’m pretty much figured they were doomed to disappear and stocked up. Then, two weeks ago there were four left in the case. I got them all hoping within the next two weeks they might get them in if they still ordered them. And this week, guess what. C’mon now, you know the title of this post (if you are still reading). Yup, out. Gone, finito, vanished. I don’t even bother asking anymore, because no one knows anything. And to make it worse I finished the last one that night (sad face). Hopefully, they will get some in by the end of the week, or I’m gunna have to look elsewhere (in which I have all week and still nada). Mmm, just thinking about them makes me really want one. Ugh, withdrawals. No, I don’t have an obsession or anything.

So, moving onward. Mom dropped me off to pick up my car at Walgreens and we decided to split up on the way home to see which way would be fasted to get home with the new construction on Park Row (which, by the way, I love the title – “Park Row Boulevard Reconstruction Project.” I didn’t even know it was a boulevard). Anyway, she would take the highway and I’d take Park Row. And my route still would have been faster. If the car behind me didn’t hit me. Oh, fun! My first real (because the first one was nothing and the girl just left a tiny mark on my bumper I didn’t even call the cops) car accident. So let me set it up. Traffic is going single file (yay fav band insert!) as I get closer to a green light. There were a lot of cars traveling about 20mph or so. The car two cars ahead of me slowed to make a right turn, the car in front of me came to a completely and totally abrupt stop (as he was too close,) I slammed on the brakes because I was rather close (but not close enough,) and the car behind me was too close and WAM! What was so surreal about it was that I knew he was gunna hit me before it happened and saw it coming so it was like I didn’t even feel it. I was just like “ok, car hit, got to stop and deal with this now.”  So I indicated to pull into the parking lot to our right. I was completely shaky and flustered but not really upset. Just like, this sucks ok, can’t get angry. So I called my dad, got the kid’s name, number and all that info. Called 911, and was put on hold! One minute and 20 seconds; “Please do not hang up. We are experiencing a high volume of calls right now. You’re call will be answered in the order it was received.” And then repeated in Spanish.  Then the lady, so bored asked what happened and you know can imagine the rest. My dad came, his mom came, the cop came. Just like I’m sure you can picture. He took a statement; we waited in the HOT sun for thirty minutes, yada yada yada. He ended up getting a ticket too.

Later, upon reflection, I discovered that off all the possibilities that could have happened there was really only one in this instance that could have resulted in me not hitting the car in front of me, and with all the luck, that’s the one that happened. Thinking about it, I held my foot on the brake. Even though I saw him coming and could have taken it off so I might have coasted up, the collision would have pushed me into the car in front of me and the crash would have been much greater, and it would be both his and my fault. If I took my foot of the brake, and taped the gas to move away from him, but then I would have hit the car in front of me, and it would all be my fault. Also, with my foot on the brake, it was as I was prepared for impact and it didn’t hurt at all. Also, my damage was so partial compared to his front, which looked completely wrecked.

So that afternoon was weird. Just all shaken up and frazzled. I don’t even remember much about the rest of that day. Because matt was sick (as pathetic) and couldn’t move from my parents bed, my dad slept upstairs in his bed, and that pissed me of, because I like having the upstairs to myself at night and I have OCD and it just really really ticked me off. But nothing bad came from it so I was lucky. I just wished I could have had a more relaxing night to myself.

Sunday I started to feel sick and all day I was back and forth in the restroom. Luckily, I didn’t throw up, but I never throw up, haven’t in three years and that was only from surgery. Before that, I haven’t since I was probably 10 or something. But yeah, I was definitely not myself (as I am consistent) so I was sick, and to make it worse Monday morning I woke up with a 99.9 temp. That is a fever for me as my average is 97.something. In the morning, my mom and I watched the first episode of Melissa’s (the next Food Network Star) new show. I’m really happy for her, she did a good job. Then, I was home alone most of the day, my family went to Matthew’s board breaking ceremony, which is boring beyond hell. But I like being home alone afternoons. And I also had a small homework assignment to write up. But I was pretty much lazy all day and lounged not letting the sickness pass.

Honestly, I think everything went ok after that. Just in the bathroom all night but not in pain, just kind of like, ok get it all out, and was actually kind of feeling good after that. Then, just the usual and went to bed. Woke up Monday thinking, “wow, weekend kind of sucked.” But you know, I really never got upset, or angry or emotional. Just laid back to the point that I’m actually kind of worried now that I can be so calm. What really bugs me is that it takes me til Thursday to finished typing this all up – haha!

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Sometimes the mail brings bad news. Other times…

It makes you want to jump for joy!

Ordered this not ONE week ago and it came today 😀


Best $.99 I’ve ever spent in my life. AND it came in a 2-pack! SWEET!

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A major sigh of relief

We picked up Dippy from the vet this afternoon. All day I’ve felt so sick, thinking the worst.


He went into his 3rd surgery. First was to fix a slipped disk, 2nd was to remove a tumor, as well as this one. It’s been a hard weekend due to his condition and having to watch to make sure it didn’t burst. I really don’t want to think about it too much, but he is safe and home now. I’m so happy everything went so well and he is ok. He is on meds and acting sour at us for making him have to go to the vet. He has a bandage around the wound to preventaccidents and he looks like a true ‘hot dog’ now.

8-4-09 001

I’m just so thankful everything turned out well.


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Hello world!

Hello, hello, hello! This is officially my first-ever blog post. I’m very excited to start chronicling my life. I’m a total noob when it comes to this and I am self-taught so please don’t laugh at the lame-ness of my blog. I’ve never been great with this stuff and I’m learning as I go so we will see where it takes me.


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